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We have access to different markets, local and international, for the diverse risks that search different coverages. We made a complete analysis in order to identify each one of our client’s needs so at the end of the day they can be satisfy with our proposal.




We evaluate every risk based in our client’s needs identifying its main characteristics such as the activity, buildings, and contents and, if it is the case, consequential losses depending of the activity (stores, industry, home, etc.).

The fire coverage considers losses caused by Nature Risk such as Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption and Hydrometeorologic Risks.

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Our specialized work team has the responsibility of looking for the best coverage option of the different branches of the Liability Reinsurance. We have local and international markets that cover the different ranges, General Liability, Errors & Omissions, D&O, Products, Hotels, Terrorism, Vendors, among others.

Technical Branches

Our work team specialized on engineering analyze, with a technical point of view, the information of this branch, providing the client an answer that fits its needs for Contactor Equipment, Civil Work in Construction, Finished Civil Work, and Machine Breakdown.

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We offer coverage for the transportation of diverse cargos, such as machinery, bulk or packaged products, as well as fragile and hard to cover merchandise (jewelry, cellphones, among others). Within this branch is considered also the coverage for small, pleasure or old hull shipments, and Aviation.

Fine Arts

Our relationships with different international markets make easy the support and competitiveness to protect this type of goods. We consider temporary or permanent exhibitions as well as private collections and large collections of museums, art galleries and the restoration of the same.

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Robbery – Cash and Values

Currently we have managed to obtain, with one of our international contact, a binder that covers inside the Mexican Republic merchandise such as cellphones, mobile equipment, as well as the protection of Cash and Values.


We have the necessary contacts to offer a complete coverage for animals; livestock, zoo animals, aquatic farm, etc., covering diseases, pollution, robbery, malicious acts, predation, drought, freezing, death, etc.

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We offer you competitive terms from international markets considering the increasing and the demand that different industries have in order to protect themselves from terrorism.

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